European Delivery 2013

20 Oct

Following in my steps with my 135i European Delivery (video), my friends and I returned to Europe this summer to pick up a 335is. My friend, Chris, decided it was time to upgrade his A6 and come over to the BMW world. We convinced him to go with a 335is and do a guy’s road trip through Europe. The three of us met in the Owner’s Lounge of the BMW Welt, where we would pick up the car and explore Europe. Our plan was to hang out in Munich, visit some friends in Hamburg, check out Porsche in Stuttgart, visit some friends in Freiburg, and head down to southern France for a few days, all while exploring some of Europe’s finest roads. Keep reading to to see what we ended up doing.

For downloads or prints of the full resolution photos, visit the full gallery here.

This is the actual route we drove as captured by my camera’s GPS. 1500+ miles in less than two weeks.

The Owner’s Lounge in the BMW Welt. Great snacks and comfortable chairs while waiting for your delivery.

Pre-delivery meeting with our delivery adviser, Michael Steuer.

We went to the ground floor of the Welt to go through some interactive video demonstrations and look at the car in detail. 

Then into the driving simulator where we explored some safety features of the car such as ABS and DSC.

After the briefing below, we came upon the ledge overlooking the delivery area and saw the car below.

Only .4 miles on the engine.

We drove around a bit and then headed out in Munich.

It was a long day of travel and car delivery, so we had a few drinks before calling it a night.

The next day, we headed north to visit some friends in Hamburg.

We hit the Autobahn hard.

Average 95mph after that run.

We headed to Stuttgart to explore Porsche and Mercedes.

Spy shot of the new S-class.

The parking lot of the Porsche museum had quite a few treasures.

This is the first 911 Turbo ever produced, given to the sister of Ferry Porsche.


Inside Mercedes. Look at those G-wagons!

Mercedes Museum.

Next up was Freiburg. We visited some friends for the day before heading to Switzerland.

The Alps in Switzerland outside of Davos made for some epic photos.

We made it to the Stelvio Pass! When I picked up my 135, it was closed so I made sure we visited it this time. We drove it up and down a few times until the car started smelling weird.

After Stelvio, Lake Como.

Then, Genoa, Italy for a night.

Before heading to spend a few nights in Nice, we drove to Sospel, France to drive the Col de Turini. I grabbed some GoPro action on the side of the car.

We made it to Nice and parked the car for the rest of the trip to enjoy our time on the beach. The Tour de France time trials were happening the day we arrived.

Monaco. Beautiful.

Monaco F1 course.

That about wraps it up. Here’s a parting shot of the the Alps from above.

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