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New Photography Portfolio Website

17 Mar

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new photography portfolio on

After several years of a custom Flash-based portfolio I wrote, I decided it was time for an update. Out with old technologies, in with a new HTML5 site. The site is based on an HTML5 image viewer, which means it’s mobile-capable, which always bothered me about my old site. It also integrates with Lightroom, so updating it with new images is completely painless. Take it for a spin!

New Website

15 Feb

For those of you reading an RSS feed, head over to my website and you will be greeted with a new face.  I have updated the design to make it look less like it was created in the 1970’s and bring me into the future.  I also completely revamped things behind the scenes, moving away from a platform that I wrote myself to WordPress.  I’m very happy with both the new design and the ease and cleanliness of WordPress.

Please update your RSS feed bookmarks to this link:

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.  This weekend is THON and I have been planning something very new and exciting for it for weeks.

Updated Portfolio

9 Feb

Work has been canceled for me the past two days so I spent the time doing a much-needed portfolio update. I printed out contact sheets of all my best photos and cut them up into tiny little squares to organize them into categories. I came up with some new categories and eliminated some others. I haven’t done a significant update to my portfolio in about 2 years so it feels much better to have my latest work on display instead of old stuff as I’ve gotten much better.

Check it out!

Email Posts

21 Feb

I just spent the morning and afternoon today coding a little bit of
software to allow me to post from my cellphone. I really wish that I
had had this during my last trip to Peru, because I could have posted
updates with pictures every few days.

It works pretty well, so I should be able to post on the go, now.

I’m really busy this weekend with THON, setting remote and timelapse
cameras, so expect some cool media in the near future.

Sent from my iPhone Launched

31 Jan

Well, it went live in late December, but I’ve been too busy to announce it.

My latest client, professional mountain biker, Chris Eatough just launched his new site. Chris is an amazing mountain biker and a really cool guy to work with. He wanted a new web presence to talk about himself and help promote his new coaching business.

Site design, front end, and back end – all done by me.

Take a look!

Panoramas are fun!

13 Aug

So I was playing around with this software called SPi-V. It’s a web-based, video-accelerated engine for viewing panoramic images. I loaded in one of the panoramic images I shot this past spring in Arizona, from Monument Valley. After some Photoshop work to get the edges to line up, I was able to create a cool little page to display the huge image (over 19 megapixels after resizing to a workable resolution) in an interactive manner. You can see Dan shooting pictures of The Thumb if you look close enough. Check it out.

(It requires Adobe Shockwave which can be downloaded for free here:

New Photo Portfolio

13 Jan

As previously mentioned, I have created an even newer photography portfolio to display my work. I was unsatisfied with AutoViewer and wanted a bunch of features that no one else had so I coded my own flash viewer over winter break. I spent about 2 weeks straight working on it, so check it out!

Photography Portfolio

2 Jan

I have created a portfolio showing off my photography work. Please view it here:

I created this about 3 weeks ago and am already working on a new version using a custom flash viewer that I’m writing.