Back from Europe

6 Jul

I got back from Europe about a month ago…it’s been a long time coming with the photos but I’m finally done. Below the jump are some photos and the full album from the trip is at

We started in Munich, went east to Freiburg, to visit Chris and Berni at the university there, then went down through eastern Switzerland and also hit up Austria and Italy. Then we got news that we could visit Chateau Miraval, the Chateau that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are renting out and going to buy for $70M, if we could make it down to the south of France by the next morning. We drove through the night, got a few hours of sleep, and visited the next day. Did wine tasting and also got a tour of the studio there that such albums as Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Rammstein’s Mutter were recorded. Got to listen to the albums in the same space they were originally recorded! Then we headed down to Cannes and Nice and spend two days there, each. On the last day, we took 3 hours before we had to turn the car in and drove the Col de Turini. Amazing road, wish that we had spent more time on it!

I carried a small GPS receiver with me which recorded the route. I’ve downloaded the trip files and wrote a little web app to see the route that we took. Check it out here – If you turn on high detail, you can actually zoom in and see to the foot exactly where we were at most stages of the trip. If it’s running too slow for you, try to turn down the detail. Also, this means that most of the photos are geotagged so if you open them up in the gallery, you can view them on a map.


Chateau Miraval

Col de Turini

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