Elk Neck State Park Star Trails

11 Mar

This past weekend I went camping. Usually when I go camping, it’s far enough away from a big city that light polution is minimal. I like to bring my camera on these occasions to get some sort of star photo; whether it’s an image of the Milky Way or a star trail photo. This time, I tried for a star trail photo. I set the camera on an intervalometer to capture 29 second exposures repeatedly. The camera ran for 3 hours (346 images) before the battery died. I then combined the photos into a single image you see below that demonstrates the rotation of the earth in relation to the stars. Apparently we were right above an airport approach path, which you can see the many plane streaks across the center of the image. To see a higher resolution version or purchase prints, please click here.

(Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, 16 mm, 346 29s exposures, f/2.8, ISO 1250)

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